We have made a simple-to-use demonstration program to let you try MPEG-Xtreme for yourself.

This demo is only licenced to work on a single PC, but you may compress and decompress as many videos as you like.  When you first run the program, it is registed to your PC and files cannot be decompressed on other PCs.

The demo is a stand-alone program, no installation is required.  Simply click on the link, choose "save as", and store the MPEG-Xtreme.exe file somewhere on your PC - we suggest your desktop.

Then simply double-click on the MPEGXtreme icon to start.

Click here to download.

screen shot

To use the demo, click the top-most "..." button to select a video file.  All common video formats are supported - .mpg, .avi etc. (the demo uses the video codecs already installed on your PC - if it plays on your PC, it'll work with MPEG-Xtreme).

The other boxes will be filled in automatically with handy filenames, but you can tweak them if you like.

Then click the top "GO" button to compress your video.  Take a look at the output file (with the .mpx filename) - just a few bytes in size!

Then click the bottom "GO" button to decompress the file.  Try playing it, and you'll see the quality is every bit as good as the original!

Please note that the program requires .NET framework - this should already be on your PC if you have the latest Windows service packs; if not, click here.

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