Q: How does MPEG-Xtreme work?
A: We cannot reveal exact details for commercial reasons, but it borrows ideas from quantum computing and quantum cryptography.

Q: Can I share compressed files with my friends or upload to a video website?
A: Not yet.  The demonstration software available for download is licenced for a single computer only.  We will be releasing Internet-enabled software in 2010.

Q: How do I install the demo program?
A: It's a standalone executable, which means you don't need to install it. Just save it to a handy folder, or directly on your desktop.  Then just double-click the MPEG-Xtreme.exe icon.  To uninstall, just delete MPEG-Xtreme.exe.

Q: The demo software doesn't run.
A: Your computer needs Microsoft .NET framework installed. This is installed automatically when you install the latest Microsoft updates for your system. Or you can download it from Microsoft here.

Q: How can I play compressed files in Media Player?
A: The demonstration software does not support this feature.  You need to decompress the file first.
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