MPEG-Xtreme is the latest state-of-the-art video compression technology.  Using advanced zero-point exterpolation and non-linear quantum subframe analysis, it achieves near-perfect levels of compression, reducing any video stream to just a few bytes.

This means that you can store almost unlimited amounts of video on your computer's hard drive or on your portable media player.  Imagine being able to take your entire video library, or favourite box set, with you wherever you go. With MPEG-Xtreme, anything is possible!

Downloading files from the Internet becomes nearly instant, even for HD files. Forget waiting hours for 5 GByte movies to download.... with MPEG-Xtreme, it takes just a few seconds.

Unlike other video formats, which compress files by throwing away data, visibly reducing the quality of the video, MPEG-Xtreme is "loss-less", so the quality of the video is as good as the original.

MPEG-Xtreme is currently available as a simple demo, allowing you to see for yourself the quality and size of video files encoded using this technology.  We are in talks with several major media player manufacturers and on-line video sites,  and we aim to roll out MPEG-Xtreme by Summer 2010.

A Media Player plug-in is also being developed and will be available in late 2010, allowing you to play MPEG-Xtreme videos directly in Windows Media Player without decompressing files first.

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